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Halcyon Resource Group is the staffing agency in Greensboro NC that delivers focused staffing solutions. At Halcyon, we understand that your staffing needs change and you need dynamic solutions to meet those needs.

Our comprehensive staffing services make us a leading staffing agency in Greensboro NC, serving both Greensboro and the Triad area as a whole.  We focus on delivering the most qualified candidates that bring the talent that you need to help your enterprise succeed. Our services are designed with a focus on providing quality experiences for all parties. 

As your trusted staffing agency in Greensboro NC, you can expect to get the focused attention that you deserve to meet your staffing needs. When you choose Halcyon Resource Group as your staffing partners we take care of every step of the talent acquisition so you can focus on your core business responsibilities.

We support a wide range of industries from general labor to light industrial and industrial staffing to healthcare staffing, nurse staffing, clerical workers, office staffing, legal staffing, business and technology staffing, and we can even help with your executive search. Our pool of impressive talent can be the best fit for your hiring needs, and bring the skill sets that improve how you do business.

The right talent is waiting for you at Halcyon Resource Group the expert staffing agency in Greensboro NC.

Full-Service Staffing Agency in Greensboro NC

Here is where you find the workforce solutions that are a perfect match for your staffing needs. You can choose from our suite of services to choose the staffing option that best meets your current needs including:

  • Temporary placements
  • Temp to hire services
  • Direct hire

We have the expertise to provide the best possible solution for your staffing needs in Greensboro and  the Triad.

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High Quality Staffing Solutions

Temporary Placements

Temporary staffing can fill an immediate staffing need. Whether it is temporary IT staffing for that big project or temporary workforce management for a different type of project, we have you covered. A temporary employee is an ideal solution to fill a position while someone is on an extended leave or when you need help during your peak hours or season. Temporary staff can help you to take on that new contract that you do not have enough permanent help to fulfill. It can be a great staffing solution for a lot of situations.

Temporary employment solutions are an easy solution to make sure you have the qualified staff that you need for the length of time that you need it. With temp job services your human resource department does not have to take on the burden of payroll services. We provide all support services for the temp worker.

Some of the best talent is available for temporary work with your company through Halcyon Resource Group. With Halcyon Resource Group you never have to worry that you are not going to get the candidate that is the best fit for your temporary staffing needs. We have your temporary manpower solution.

We put the same amount of effort into matching employees with employers in all staffing situations. As a premier staffing firm in Greensboro NC we never waiver in our commitment to your satisfaction. Learn more about how temporary employment of the top talent in Greensboro can be the ideal solution for your organization by contacting our staffing team.

Temp to Hire Services

Have you ever wished you could try an employee out before you made a firm hiring decision? With Halcyon Resource Group and our temp to hire program, you get to do just that. We can help you find employment solutions that work for your business. Professional staffing services from Halcyon can help take the pressure off your human resource department.  

Temp to perm solutions may be just what you need to fill your staff with people that already have the training that you want. Our dynamic staffing service has solutions that can work for a wide range of hiring needs.  Our staffing resources is the complete solution. Contact the leader in staffing agencies in Greensboro NC to get the support that you need.

Direct Hire

We invite you to tap into our talent network to find your next hire.  Our unlimited staffing resources and pool of qualified candidates can be the perfect solution for your hiring needs. We take the work out of your personnel staffing by doing all the back office work for you.

We do not settle for anything but the best for our clients all candidates must have the skill set that you are searching for and pass our vigorous extensive background check. At Halcyon Resource Group we have built our impeccable reputation as a leader in the staffing industry by always moving with transparency and a focus on ethical business practices.

We can help you to develop a staffing plan that is based on your business goals.

We make sure that we take care of every detail of the hiring process and that you hire on the best talent that will seamlessly fit in with your corporate culture. Learn how we can help you find the qualified candidate you want for your organization.

Employment Services for Candidates

If you are searching for job opportunities in Greensboro NC and the Triad we invite you to apply now at Halcyon Resource Group. We work with some of the most sought after employers in Greensboro and the Triad. This can be the perfect “next step” to your career goals.

Apply for a wide range of job categories with flexible work hours. We have vacancies that we are currently working on filling. Clerical jobs, jobs for technology professionals, skilled trades, forklift operators, assemblers, health facility workers, and other job openings are available. We specialize in matching clients and candidates. Both employers and job seekers find the solutions they need with Halcyon Resource Group.

When you are looking for work that comes with flexible options, Halcyon is the solution. We do our best to match employers and job seekers to create a perfect match. We can help you with your employment needs. Your job search can end right here with Halcyon Resource Group the employment agency that focuses on providing superior service to both candidates and employers.We have job openings ready to fill. If you are looking for a job, submit your resume and apply today for a great job in Greensboro or the Triad. We can find a job for you.

Make the Call

Whether you are looking for an executive search firm to hire your next executive or are just tired of dealing with recruitment agencies that cannot deliver the high-quality candidates that your medical practice deserves, call Halcyon Resource Group the leader among staffing firms in Greensboro NC.

For strategic staffing solutions that always ensure the right fit contact the staffing company that has brought employers and employees together throughout Greensboro NC and the Triad to create value for all parties. We are a recruitment firm and expert staffing agency in Greensboro that makes your satisfaction a priority. Contact us today.

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